domingo, 23 de junio de 2013

23.06.2013: help me to trip to academic event

I want to help me with only airplane ticket for the following events:
** Polynomial Optimisation - Summer School and Workshop 
Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematics Sciences, Cambrigde. UK. Departure time: July 14 (Lima to London). Return time: 20 July (London to Lima)
** The 4th CanSat Leader Training Program (CLTP4)  Keio University, Kawasaki, Japan. Departure time: July 19 (Lima->Tokyo). Return time: August 22 (Tokyo-> Lima)
or both :
Departure time: July 14 (Lima to London). Departure time: 20 July (London to Tokyo) and Return time: August 22 (Tokyo to Lima)

Any type of help is welcome but what is the minimum necessary is the airfare. Thank you very much... any communication to email:


Y aún así me queda por hacer el permiso (Visa) en la embajada británica y en la Embajada de Japón...